What ACS Japan can do for You in Career Development

— By Chad Messom, Associate Director, ACS Japan

First and foremost, ACS Japan is a Tokyo-based executive search company delivering recruitment services centered on the Information & Communication Technology sector. For reference, our clients include many leading blue-chip IT Consulting Firms, IT Vendors, Manufacturers, and Retailers. Generally speaking, these companies are looking for Japanese / English speaking IT Managers, IT Consultants, Software Engineers, Sales Managers, Marketers or Pre/Post Sales Engineers.

With that in mind, our job here is to identify opportunities that talented people with bilingual skills (in other words, you) can and want to do. The reason we do this is so that myself and my colleagues can introduce you to our clients that have a need for people in the area you work in. That sounds straightforward doesn’t it, but, if only it was as easy as that!

To do this well, we need to speak with you so that we can better understand what you currently do and what you want to do in the future. This conversation will cover the companies that you work / worked at, the jobs you are doing / did, your strengths & weaknesses, what you want to do now & in the future, your current salary & salary expectations, plus an overview of the companies that you’ve applied for.

The value of this for us (and you) is that it helps us match the right opportunities for you. It also means that we can be a strong advocate for you during the application and interview process. We can also assist you with your resume, give you insights into a firm’s corporate culture, highlight questions you’ll face during the interview process, provide feedback on your application/ interview, and help you understand salary systems & help with salary negotiations. That’s quite a lot for around one hour of your time for an initial consultation.

And, if we do our job right you will find a new job that utilizes your skills at a company you want to work for with a salary you are happy with.  That sounds really amazing to us and I hope it sounds great to you too as well!