Our Services for you

Career through ACS Japan

We’re committed to our candidates. We only work with ethical employers who have clear strategies for helping their staff develop and progress. We explore exclusive opportunities for you and guide you in identifying these career opportunities and connecting you with the right employers and decision makers. Also we will provide you continuous support and consulting service during the entire process.

Our support for you

At ACS Japan we assist you in recognizing your own strengths, and understanding your full range of skills and abilities. Our experienced and industry specialized recruiters will assist you in the followings;

– Preparation of an effective CV/Resume
– Exploring opportunities – Application Advice & Guidance
– Interview Preparation and Techniques
– Avoiding most common interview mistakes
– Providing interview feedbacks

Why ACS Japan?

Maintaining a permanent job without keeping up with the latest technology skills and new competencies is a dream of the past. It is the need of today’s job market that people must invest in acquiring certain qualifications and keeping relationship with trusted career advisors to advance themselves. ACS Japan offers you these confidential and comprehensive services for your career development and advancement.

Let us be your career advisor in achieving success.

ACS Japan looks forward to the opportunity to develop a long standing relationship with you. Working with us you will have the firsthand experience of seeing what separates us from our competitors. At ACS Japan;

  • We are experienced and know the Japanese market well
  • We work on exclusive positions which are not available to other agencies
  • Each consultant is industry specialized and has rich experience within recruitment and will provide you the best exposure to the top tier companies
  • We deal directly with the people who make the decisions
  • We are professional, timely, and committed
  • We operate under a strict code of confidentiality and ethics